Spin & Gold Challenge

Complete the Challenge to win up to 60% Cashback

Have time to play some serious poker?

Want some challenge to boost up your bankroll?

Try our Spin & Gold Challenge!

1. Opt-in

Click the Spin & Gold button on the upper left corner at the lobby.

2. Set your time!

Remember, the longer you play, the bigger the prize!

3. Pick your Challenge

Choose wisely! Pick a challenge that you can finish.


Once the game is over, gold distribution will take place based on the buy-in and rank as reflected on the table below.

Prize Pool

1 Hour2 Hours3 Hours5 Hours8 Hours
Level 1$0.24$0.52$0.85$1.60$2.80
Level 2$0.70 $1.60 $2.65 $5.15 $9.35
Level 3$1.87 $4.11 $6.72 $12.60 $22.40
Level 4$5.60 $12.00 $19.10 $34.60 $60.00
Level 5$18.70 $40.00 $62.00 $110.00 $187.00
Level 6$52.50 $110.00$171.00 $300.00 $500.00

Additional Information

  • The challenge starts from when you opt-in.
  • You may stop (opt-out) the challenge at any time.
  • All gold coins will be lost upon failure or termination of the challenge.
  • You may immediately engage in a new challenge.
  • You can play as many challenges as you wish.

Promotions Terms & Conditions

  • Players must meet the age requirement of 18 years or older to participate in this promotion.
  • Prizes are awarded instantly at the end of the hand.
  • GGPoker reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
  • If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker has the right to investigate and remove the players once it’s confirmed.

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